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Wellness and wellbeing - Ilse Crawford

Nestled in the backstreets of central Stockholm, Ilse Crawford’s Ett Hem is a truly unique hotel that perfectly encapsulates its Swedish name ‘a home’. It also stands as the perfect example of the award-winning designer’s belief that wellness and wellbeing is the upmost importance in design. Focusing on understanding the real needs of people and lives that will be lived within a space before even thinking about aesthetics. This understanding hones right down to what makes us human and makes full use of our innate senses.

Common areas are a mix of outdoor and indoor spaces, which as a whole, create a harmonious sense of togetherness where a naturally convivial atmosphere emanates and boundaries dissolve between staff and guests, who tend to feel that they are staying with friends rather than at a hotel.

For Ilse Crawford wellness and wellbeing goes further than just an ideal added to an end result. It’s about a much bigger system. It’s thinking about the environment, the makers as well as the user. It’s focusing on where things come from, who they sustain, where they go and how its crafted and how it can change the way we live. The world we make will always be an expression of our values but if you want to make matter matter, those values have to be embedded from the beginning to create a true sense of wellbeing.

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